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Tomasz Knittel

Director of documentary movies and short films. He has just finished a mini-documentary series about Polish post-communist housing blocks. 
Creator of the sensational “Elektro_sonda”, a futuristic music film with the participation of top Polish electronic music groups (Kamp, Bokka, Rysy, amongst others). He is a director with an individual and distinct film language, who transfers his documentary film-maker's approach to the area of TV commercials.
He creates spots which are very authentic, lifelike and full of genuine emotions. 
Tomasz is keen on playing and experimenting with form and he deliberately combines artistic creation with documentary film language. 
He has directed campaigns for GSK, Rossman, NN Investment Partners, Vision Express, and many others.
Tomasz tries to spend two months each year traveling. He has visited 45 countries on 5 different continents so far.