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Pyromaniac's Manual by Kajetan Plis | DOP

  • Once you decide to literally set things on fire, Pyromaniac’s Manual will guide you safely through the process. The best fire is a controlled one and getting hurt is not a success. Don’t forget to collect your trophies (such as selfies with “victims”), though.

    Piromaniac’s Manual is an art book by Ada Zielińska, printed in 400 copies.

    Written and Directed by: Piotrek Matejkowski
    Scenario based on a concept and book by Ada Zielińska
    Director of Photography: Kajetan Plis | HART
    Edit: Kuba Tomaszewicz
    Postproduction: Platige Image
    Sound Postproduction: Studio Głośno
    ent in Stojadła and „FOX” car wreckyard.

Posted 2020-11-19 17:21:41