Filip Berendt
Michał Bulik
Adrian Chudek
Nastka Gonera
Tomek Konecki
AKIN | Casio G-Shock

Video from series: G-COMMUNITY by G-SHOCK

AKIN is a film which is based on fact… we didn’t create reality, we attempted to capture the essence of it, to reflect what was most important. Time was not our asset, for the story had to end within a few minutes. Our narration had to encapsulate in a flash, the person of Akin – aided by a poetic visage…

Akin is a man. A rebel. A person, whose body is eighty percent covered by tattoos. A person full of passion – a skateboarder. He is against. He searches for his own path and identity. He lives on the edge.

Director: Tomasz Chrapusta
Director of Photography: Adrian Kilar
Production Manager: Ewelina Stryjewska
Script: Izabela Aleksandrowicz
Editor: Adrian Kilar
Music: PLN Beatz | Brunon Lubas
Postproduction sound: Brunon Lubas
Graphic Design: Mateusz Michalczyk
Translation: Alex Ochman
Colouring: RawLab
PR: Rita Pater